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Every Blog/website owner know the importance of blog commenting. It not only increase blog traffic but also increase blog back link. It also helps to gain friendship with other bloggers. But mainly bloggers are do comments on other blog to get traffic and back link. Backlinks are very important for any blog or website, its play an important part to determine your website or blog Google page rank, alexa rank and SERP rank. Today I’m going to show 2500+ do-follow commentluv enable blog list to get quality backlink.

Why comments on commentluv enable blogs?

Generally in blog commenting we get only one back link. But comments in commentluv enable blogs we will get two do-follow backlinks.

Comments on commentluv pro users blog you will get more benefit.

I have listed here 12 webpage where you can get almost 2500+ commentluv enable blog list.

2500+ do-follow commentluv enable blog list –

  1. first latestupdates.org is do-follow commentluv enable blog
  2. http://www.infotechpool.com/99-high-pr-websites-with-do-follow-or-commentluv-enabled-blogs-forums.html ( 99  blog list)
  3. http://www.technodoze.com/2014/07/list-of-commentluv-blogs-with-page-rank.html ( 50 blog list)
  4. http://www.learnwebstuff.com/top-dofollow-comment-luv-enabled-blogs-list/ ( 50  blog list)
  5. http://www.thewebinspiration.net/list-of-101-high-pr-dofollow-comment-luv-enabled-blogs.html (101 blog  list)
  6. http://www.bloggerkid.in/2013/07/list-of-70-high-pr-do-follow-commentluv.html ( 70 blog  list)
  7. http://www.techywood.com/commentluv-enabled-high-pr-dofollow-blogs-list/ (500+ blog list)
  8. http://www.tricksdonor.org/2014/03/huge-list-of-dofollow-commentluv-blogs.html (500+ blog list)
  9. http://www.bloggermentor.com/2014/05/list-of-dofollow-CommentLuv-Blogs-2014.html (100+  blog list)
  10. http://www.techhapa.com/2014/06/high-pr-commentluv-enabled-dofollow.html   ( 50 +  blog list)
  11. http://pakbloggertricks.com/list-of-top-50-high-pagerank-dofollow-commentluv-enabled-blogs/ (50+ blog list)
  12. http://www.topbestlisted.com/2014/200-dofollow-commentluv-enable-blogs-2014-updated-list/ (225  blog list)
  13. http://bornvirtual.com/seo-tips/commentluv-enabled-blogs-list/ (850+ blog list)

Is your comment does not approve on this commentluv enable blog.

How to get approve your comment in commentluv enable blogs?

It’s pretty easy to approve your comment on commentluv enable blog. But keep these three points  in mind –

  1. You must have a gravatar account
  2. Don’t do shit comment like (hello, thanks, keep posting, nice, visit my blog etc.)
  3. Give your thoughts on that post which must be related with post.

 If you do these three points correctly I’m damn sure your comment should be approved easily.

Do comment and build your website backlink with this 2500+ free commentluv enable blogs and keep blogging 🙂

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