Steps to make your first affiliate sale quickly

Now bloggers  choose affiliate marketing instead of advertising on their blog because of its high commission rate. But became a successful affiliate marketer is not too easy work. You will see many websites in the web whose  are getting 5k visitors per day but they manage to sell one or two product on their websites similarly some other websites also have whose are getting only 100 visitors per day and sell more than 5k visitors websites. This things happen very often and this changes occurs when we make some mistakes while starting our affiliate marketing. To make your first affiliate sale you have to make certain steps carefully. Today I’m going to give you the best methods on how to make your first affiliate sale quickly.

 first affiliate sale

Choose affiliate product as your niche –

Choosing affiliate product is the very crucial step; it’s directly depending on your affiliate sale. Very often I see many websites base on movie, news and gossip whose are trying to sell web hosting package for sake of high commission. This is totally wrong if your blog base on movie you should try selling movie related product. So before try selling any affiliate product choose correct affiliate product for your blog.

 Whatever commission you will get choose affiliate product on basis of your blog niche its important.

Choose Trending Product–

Not only choose affiliate product on base of your blog but also choose trending affiliate product. Trending product mean it’s already create a buzz in audience, all you have to do just promote that product. But not choose over trending product like- hostgator web hosting, godaddy coupon etc. Almost every blogger are promoting these type offer, so as a newbie you might out of the competition from first day.

First of all join some Big affiliate marketplace such as – Amozon associate, click bank, commisssion junction,  Shareasale etc.

Some of affiliate marketplace like click bank shows any products gravity. Which denote product demands.  So do check every product gravity and choose only high gravity product. (High gravity product mean product is in demand. )

Don’t choose high priced product, high price product might bring more money to you, but small price product conversation is always much better than high price products.

Tips to make your affiliate sale quickly –

Do some keywords Research-

To sell your affiliate product you might write a post on behalf of that product? Don’t write post immediately; do some keyword research then write your post. To sell your affiliate product quickly you have to bring organic traffic on that post. That’s why keyword research is very important.

In keyword research check this two point –

  • check your competitor keywords
  • check keyword value and no. of local searches.

Check 3 tools can boost your blog post SERP (Search engine result page) Rank.

Write a review –

Write a brief and honest review about that product.  In review should contain full details of that affiliate product and all pros and cons. don’t write a review by researching other reviews. Write review your own if can’t get more data on that product. Do contact with that product manager for a sample copy of their product.

Keep this points in mind while writing review posts-

  • Write long details reviews
  • Review should contained product all pros and cons
  • Use review plugin to give rating that product.

special offer

Give a discount offer –

Discount offer love everyone. Give a crazy  discount for your readers that will bring more sells. Almost all products give some extra discount offer for their affiliates. If you cant find any coupon for you readers , do contact that product affiliate manager for custom discount offer and coupon code for your blog readers.

Add your affiliate link inside post –

Don’t place too many affiliate links inside blog post. Take two or three keyword where visitor can click; add affiliate link on those keywords. Sometime at the end of this post a signup button with affiliate link works perfectly.

Create a Video –

Create a video on that product like why but this product, how to setup this product or how to buy this product using coupon code. 2000 words post can explain in two minutes video. So an excellent video can bring many loyal customers.

 Promote –

Now promote that product/product related post everywhere. Promotion can make a product viral; promote that product social media to blogging communities.

Things to do – 

  • Share blog posts or that product on every social network sites.
  • Promote post on blogging communities.
  • To get more share use just retweet and easy retweet.
  • Send newsletter about that product.
  • Promote again and again.


Advertise that product on your blog. Create some colorful adverts and add that adverts in your blog most clicked areas. Sometimes a CTA box like pro-blogger at the end of the post work perfectly.

Final Word – Now mix up above all things to make your first affiliate sale. I’m sure  If you done this above steps perfectly you will make your first affiliate sale quickly(may be within a week). Thanks for reading this post!! Do share this post with your friends on social networks.

Md. Hamim Mondal

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