Bidvertiser Review 2017 With Payment Proof

Blog advertising is a major way that most bloggers are used to earn money online. But still, due to some restriction, many of the bloggers can’t able to approve their site on some top ad networks like – AdSense,  buy sell ads, etc. So they have to rely on other small ad networks. Most of those small ad networks CPC is too low comparing other big networks. So bloggers always earn lower than their expected income. Sometimes they also cheated by some of these small ad networks. So before choosing any small ad network, you should study about that network. which is a time-consuming work. So to overcome this hardship I already listed 10 best genuine ad networks and I’m started reviewing that 10 ad networks one by one.

Today It’s time to share a review on the bidvertiser ad network.


Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser is the most oldest PPC network and its started in 2003 at the same time of google AdSense. They are offering advertising service over 13 years. So there is no chance of scamming.

Here is the screenshot of my first payment –

so there is no chance of scam. I’m using bidvertiser ad network over years on my niche blog and I always get my payment on time.

Transaction details PayPal

How it works –

  1. In bidvertiser advertiser can set bids for their ads on the basis of page content.
  2. Then bidvertiser will check publishers page and then show the highest bided ad.
  3. At the end of the month, publishers will get paid if they cross the minimum payout limit.

Types of Ads –

  • Medium Rectangle – Size – 300 x 250
  • Vertical Rectangle – Size –  240 x 400
  • Large Rectangle – Size –  336 x 280
  • Rectangle – Size –  180 x 150
  • Full Banner– Size – 468 x 60
  • Half Banner – Size –  234 x 60
  • Vertical Banner – Size – 120 x 240
  • Square Button– Size –  125 x 125
  • Leaderboard – Size –  728 x 90
  • Wide Skyscraper – Size – 160 x 600
  • Skyscraper – Size –  120 x 600
  • Half Page Ad – Size –  300 x 600
  • Mobile Ads – Size –  300×50
  • Slider Ads
  • Pop Under Ads
  • XML Feeds

How to join Bidvertiser ?


Click on “Join Now – It’s FREE!” button.

It will redirect to a sign-up form page. Where put your information correctly.

They will send you an activation Code to your Email.

Then open your email account and copy the activation code and submit it into the form.

Now your bidvertiser account is Ready!

How to Submit a Website/Blog in bidvertiser ?

First Log in to your BidVertiser Account.

Click on Manage BidVertisers

Click on Add New BidVeriser

Select “Add new BidVertiser under a new domain”

Enter a title.

Enter your website URL.

Choose the language of your website.

Then choose your website category and then subcategory.

Now click on finish button.

How to add Bidvertiser Advertisement Code inside website/blog?

Go to BidVertiser Center.

Select your blog/website

After that ‘Choose Template’ of your ad and click on Update

Then click Preferences.  Where you have to setup which types of ad you want to show on your blog.

Then Click on ‘Get Ad Code’.

Copy the ad code and Paste that code on your site and ads will start showing within minutes.


Easy to access –  It’s too easy to approve account on bidvertiser. There is almost no verification process to approve your blog.

Works on Subdomain – Some big ad networks( ex.- buysellads ) are didn’t support any website that situated on a subdomain like or But bidvertiser support all types of domains.

Minimum Payout is $10 – Whenever you touch the $10 mark you will get that money at the end of the month. If earning below $10 then that money will carry forward to the next month.

Various Types of Ads – As I explain above, huge no. of different type ads are available. So This will definitely increase your blog ad CTR.


Ads are not as much relevant as your sites. Bidvertiser mainly shows ads on the basis of blog categories. So if your blog basis on some niche then you may see only that niche related ads.

Join Bidvertiser ( It’s FREE)

Extra Feature – Now you can earn money by referring your friends. Just tell them all goods and bads about bidvertiser, if they like bidvertiser then give your aff. link and earn money. Whenever you’re referred publisher touch the $10 mark you will get $10 commission for that, again if the same publisher touches the $50 mark then again you will get $40 commission for that. So each and every successful referral you can earn $50.

Conclusion – Bidvertiser is best when your website is rejected from some big advertising network like AdSense or buy sell ads. On starting time your bidvertiser earning may be low due to not popular in bidder. After some time your ads CPC will increase automatically. If you have any other questions don’t forget to mention below comment section.

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