Best high page Rank Dofollow Forums 2016

Dofollow forumsHigh page rank do-follow back links are very important to rank any page on Google. Nowadays getting dofollow back link from other blogs are too hard. Every website owners now by default set their all outgoing link as nofollow. As we know nofollow back links are not as much valuable as do-follows back links. So to bulid some high quality dofollow back links Forums are best place, where we can generate some quick do-follow back links.  In the web you may find thousands of forums but most of them are give no-follow back links. Here I share some best high page rank dofollow forums.

List of High Page rank Dofollow forums  2016 –

Some things not to do while posting any new thread or comment in forums:-

  • Don’t do one word comments- like – Good, Great, thanks etc.
  • Don’t add links inside your comments.
  • Don’t do any spam activity.
  • Don’t promote your website all time on the forum.
  • Don’t use any slang words inside comments.

 Above all I also active 2-4 forums.

As per my opinion for better result, don’t join above all forums, joins only 2 or 3 of them according your niche and do comment regularly.

Best high page Rank Dofollow Forums 2016
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