How To Submit sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

In my previous post I discuss how to verify your website with Google webmaster tools. Today I’m going to show how to submit sitemap in Google webmaster tools. Many newbie bloggers are don’t know how to submit blogger blog sitemap in Google webmaster tools. Almost every websites most traffics are come from search engine like Google. To ensure fast index in Google search result its essentials to submit sitemap in Google webmaster tools. Sitemap not only improve your blog crawling rate it also important in terms of SEO. Is you think it’s hard to submit sitemap in Google webmaster tools ? See how easily we can submit sitemap in Google webmaster tools.

At first you should have a verified website in Google webmaster tool. Otherwise you can’t access Google webmaster tool. Learn how to verify website in Google webmaster tools.

Now sign in Google webmaster tool

Click on your blog title

Click on crawl >> sitemaps

click on image to enlarge view click on image to see large view

At the top right side corner, press Add/test sitemap button. It will expand a small box.

Now add below code and press submit sitemap button.


Click on Refresh this page button. It’s done.

Note – This sitemap will work for five hundred posts. If your blog have more than 500 posts you have to add another one sitemap in Google webmaster tool.

How to add sitemap in Google webmaster tool for more than 500 posts?

First add above mention sitemap in Google webmaster tool for 500 posts. Again click on add/test sitemap button. Add below code and click on submit sitemap button.


Note – Again this sitemap will work for 501 to 1000 no posts. If your blog have more than 1000 posts you have to add separate sitemap for each 500 posts.

For more than 1000 posts sitemaps are –





 Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

This sitemaps is in the XML format which helps search engine spiders to find our content easily. If you have any query; feel free leave a comment below.

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Hi,Awesome post!!!! actually I am looking for the same content to add sitemap in to webmaster tool. I find your post very helpful and nice step by step description. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. :)