(Genuine) RSS Feed Submission Sites List 2018

searching for some best rss feed submission sites for initial boosting of your site. In this post we listed down some best feed submission sites for you. In this list most of the feed submission sites are free for submission, some of them are work on the basis of reciprocal link.

RSS feed Submission

To getting more and more traffic and back links blogger now use many techniques RSS feed submission is one of them. Whatever blogging platform you use every platform offer RSS feed. RSS feed directory is the best place for long term traffic. RSS feed directory can improve your blog SERP rank. So submitting feed on RSS feed directory sites is essential for any blog.

RSS feed submission sites

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List of Best Free RSS feed Submission sites 2018

  • http://blogsearch.google.com/ping
  • https://www.blogarama.com/en/
  • http://www.rss-network.com/submitrss.php
  • http://www.addyourblog.com/suggest-listing.php
  • http://www.r-bloggers.com/add-your-blog/
  • http://alltop.com/
  • http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
  • http://www.feedcat.net/
  • http://www.feedlisting.com/submit.php
  • http://www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp
  • http://www.feedlisting.com/submit.php
  • http://www.bloglisting.net/submit.php
  • http://www.feedsee.com/submit.html
  • http://chordata.info/suggest.php
  • http://www.blo.gs/ping.php
  • http://www.blogarama.com/
  • http://en.redtram.com/pages/addsource/
  • http://www.rsstop10.com/directory/rss-submit.php
  • http://www.bloggingfusion.com/submit.php
  • http://foodieblogroll.com/submit
  • http://boingboing.net/
  • http://feedburner.google.com/
  • http://rssfeeds.com/
  • http://www.blog-search.com/
  • http://www.rss-dir.com
  • http://www.blogcatalog.com
  • http://www.balirss.com/index.php?do=basic
  • http://www.realtyfeedsearch.com
  • http://www.wingee.com
  • http://feedstar-rss.wikidot.com
  • http://www.readablog.com

Dear friends I updated this list on 01.01.2018.

Now all of the above listed RSS Feed directory are live. I manually checked all of them.

Many more RSS feed sites will be added soon.

RSS Feed Submission Related FAQ

is all of the above listed RSS feed submission sites are free to use or not ?
How to create reciprocal link ?
Did Feed submission effect in ranking ?

So go there add your blog freely and bring traffic and back links. If you know any other website which is not listed here, let me know in comment. I would love to add that in my list.

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Thanks for sharing this list of rss feed submission site. I will definitely bookmark this page and send my blog rss feed to all of this sites.

Dinesh Kumar 2016-07-14 16:37:04
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Hello Mr. Md., I am unable to add my RSS in some of those sites. Can you please add some other sites. Thanks!

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Dear sir... some of sites isn't work now

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Thanks for sharing RSS Feed Submission Sites list. Found some new sites and hope these sites will works good. Again Thanks........

step13denver 2016-02-18 10:00:52
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is there a tool to submit to them all at once?

Joseph Jones 2016-02-05 06:38:43
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RSS syndication, social bookmarking and pinging used to be just a thing in the past when SEO industry started to show up. Yes, I thought this is only a thing in the past but right now, I am seeing a lot of big guys working on this as well.

Fakharuddin Manik 2016-01-13 15:43:42
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Hello Hamim, Thanks for the wonderful list of RSS Feed Submission sites. Found some new sites and hope these sites will works good.

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