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Thrive Themes Membership Package Review

Old days are gone ! When every webmaster and blogger are focus on traffic.

Now days everyone is focused on conversion. Conversion rate determine webmasters skill.

Now from big webmaster to small bloggers everyone is focus on to convert their one time blog readers to permanent reader through email marketing.

This little calculation will help you to determine why conversion is important.

  1. A website with 1000 visitors per day and converting 10 visitors everyday. Then conversion rate is 1%
  2. A website with 500 visitors per day and converting 10 visitors everyday. Then conversion rate is 2%
  3. A website with 100 visitors a day and converting 10 visitors from them. Then Conversion rate is 10% 

As you can see Above 3 examples 3rd one is the best. But still I see many webmasters who’s are converting their product at a range of 15%-30%

As you can see in this post I'm going to write detail review about highly conversion focused theme thrive themes. 

As you can see I'm using thrive membership plan for my blog. So you will definitely get worthy review from my side. let's check full review. 

Till Now 50+ Users are using our recommend theme.

Thrive Themes Review

What are The Thrive Themes ?

Thrive themes and their plugins are specialized for built  high conversion focus wordpress site without having much tech knowledge. All of their themes and plugins are used for different different purpose. All of their themes are blazing fast and perfectly optimized for conversion. (more sale) 

Currently In thrive themes marketplace has 10 different Themes for different niches. All of these 10 themes are highly customizable. So you can change them as you want.

list of all Thrive Themes  and Their Purpose - 

  • Rise – The Rise theme offers everything you need to create a captivating blog or a product sale site.
  • Storied – Storied theme is perfect for creating media-rich blogs that include images, videos, audio and more.
  • Pressive – Pressive is an excellent theme for creating marketing websites and gorgeous sales pages.
  • Performag – Performag is thrive themes first magazine theme. It is made specifically for magazine style sites and is optimized for the 3 most important factors in this business model ad revenue, social shares and user engagement.
  • Voice – Voice is the perfect theme for blogging, podcasting and any other site where your content is the central focus.
  • Minus – Minus theme comes with every feature you need to build your perfect blog or marketing website.
  • Squared (Currently Mytrickschool is built with thrive themes) – Squared is a theme that makes attention-grabbing design choices without losing sight of the business factor.
  • Ignition – Ignition theme is best for creating awesome looking sales pages and marketing pages for your products, memberships and services.
  • FocusBlog  – like all other themes focus blog can be used to create sales pages, lead generation pages and other types of landing pages.
  • Luxe – Luxe is a theme that is all about stripping away the distractions and the unessential, and keeping only what truly matters for making your site beautiful and functional.

Let's take a Deep look at Thrive Themes Features

thrive Themes

Click to see fullscreen

Currently I'm using thrive theme focus blog theme and you can see I'm taking screen shot from my dashboard. In general setting section best feature is "Header Phone". This is the best feature that I miss on many themes.

thrive themes

In style and layout setting section best features are extended menu and navigation setting.

thrive themes

In blog setting section have some normal feature which generally use to customize blog.

thrive themes

This is script section for tracking 

thrive themes

This is the best feature of Thrive Themes. In this section we can did two types of image compression. 

Lossy Compression - In this type image compression image size  is reduced and never possible to revert back to original size. 

Lossless Compression - In this type image compression image size  is reduced and possible to revert back to original size. 

Some Other Features are Lazy load comments and Image resize. 

thrive themes

This section is for comment customization.

thrive themes

This section is for social media settings. From where we can enable social sharing buttons with counters. 

thrive themes

This section is for 404 page customization.

And the other two sections are related post setting and Apprentice. 

Almost every thrive themes have same setting section except Apprentice section. Because some of the themes didn't have in built Apprentice feature. 

Thrive Opt-in - This features is for connecting email marketing software. 

thrive themes

Focus Area - This  feature is for adding focusing content or email subscription box in header or below content section.

Other Important Thrive Themes Features

Fast Loading – Despite of having huge no. of built-in customization, still thrive themes loading speed very fast. 

Built-in Widgets – Thrive themes are come with as many as 8 different inbuilt widget. Here is the list.

thrive themes

Thrive Short Code - With above all these get huge no. of shortcodes In WordPress post editor Section.

Thrive Themes Pricing

As I said, currently In thrive themes marketplace have 10 distinct themes for different niches.

Each theme single license price is $49 and unlimited license price is $67. both of these packages are comes with unlimited updates but only one year support. To get lifetime support, you have to buy their membership plan.

Thrive Themes Discount

Normally thrive themes didn't offer any discount or coupon code on their themes. But instead of single theme license if you go for unlimited license, then you can definitely save some bucks.

Instead of $49 if you paid $18 extra you can use that same theme on unlimited no of sites. So always go for unlimited license plan or go for membership plan.

Currently we are using thrive themes focus blog theme on this blog. 

Thrive Content Builder Review

This is the best front-end  content builder plugin for WordPress. Previously I used Visual composer, but as per my experience thrive content builder plugin is must more user friendly than visual composer. 

Let's Take a Deeper Look In Thrive Content Builder Features 

Paragraph/ text element – A simple option that will help you to add text directly inside your blog post. Some extra option you will get, i.e,

  • Font color setup
  • Font size
  • Margin and padding
  • Hyperlinking
  • Etc.paragraph

WordPress content – This option will create an exact interface that has in wordpress page editor.

Image -Simple option to add image inside blog post. With re-sizing and effects.

Button – Create clickable button using this tool.

Icon – Insert icon inside your blog post or page.

Credit card icon – This feature will empower your sales page when you add credit card icons.

Custom HTML – Add your own HTML file from this section.

Custom CSS – Add your own CSS file from this section.

Content Container – This feature will help you to create a custom size content box.

Content Reveal – This feature will create a content box that will show after sudden time. (time that you set )

Content template – If you already design some page with thrive content builder and want to repeat that design on a new page, then this feature is best for you.

Column layout – creates as many as 9 different columns.

Content Box – Creates 6 different style content box. Where 3 styles are with headline and other 3 styles are with non-headline.

Symbol Box – It will help you to create icon box and number box.

Social sharing Button – Add simple or stylish social sharing button inside blog post.

Quote Share – Share your quotes on twitter.

Styled list – Create lists with 6 different types of bullets.

Divider – Add 4 different types of divider.

Testimonials – 9 different types of testimonials where 6 testimonials templates are with picture and 3 are without picture.


Screen shot of one type of testimonial box

Call to action – 4 different types of call to action box.

call to action

Screen shot of one type of call to action box

Guarantee box – guarantee box definitely increase sales page sales rate. 4 different types of guarantee boxes are available.


Screen shot of one type of guaranteel box

Custom menu – Add custom menu inside blog post or page.

Pricing Table – Creates 5 different types of pricing table.

Tabbed content – Creates horizontal tabs and vertical tabs.

Feature Grid – Creates 6 different types of feature grid box with images or icons.

Content Toggle – Creates content toggle box.

Table – Simple tool to create table as you want.

Data element – This feature will help you to create progress bar, fill counter and number counter.

Google map –Embed google map on blog post or page.

Countdown timer – set two different types of countdown timer.

Responsive video– Add responsive video.

Table of content – create table of content by one click.

Lead generation – Add email subscription form inside blog page.

Post grid – Shows posts into a grid form.

Thrive leads forms – This is the most useful function. By using this you can insert your email subscription form anywhere you want.

Comment –Add either disqus or facebook comment system direct your blog post/ page.

This huge list of 35+ tools clearly indicate thrive content builder usefulness.

Thrive Content Builder Pricing

Thrive content builder plugin is their most selling product among all other products. Over 47,000+ users are currently use their content builder plugin to design their their landing pages as well as blog posts.​

Thrive content builder single site license is $67, while 5 and 15 sites licensing price are $97 and $147 respectively.All of these packages are comes with unlimited updates, but only one year support. If you want lifetime support then go for membership plan.

Thrive Content Builder Discount

As I said earlier, Thrive Themes didn't offer any custom discount or coupon on their any product. But same as themes, If you go for multiple license you will get benefits. As you can see thrive content builder single license is $67, while 5 sites and 15 sites licences are comparatively cheaper then single site license. From my side, I always recommend 5 site license for medium or newbie blogger and 15 sites / membership plan for pro bloggers.

Thrive Landing Pages 

This plugin to is combined with thrive content builder so you don't have to buy separately.

When you editing any of your blog pages by using thrive content builder then you can choose landing pages template for your blog. There are 120+ free pre-design template available.

All of that pre-design sale pages are mainly basis on this categories

  • Landing page
  • Sales page
  • Video marketing page
  • Conversion optimized page
  • review page
  • etc.

And you can create any of the above type landing page with a minute.

Thrive Leads Review

You want to purchase a lead generating plugin, But when you search on the internet you are getting 100+ plugins and their reviews fill your screen and thereby pushing you into the chaos.

Now the question is which one is the best lead generating plugin ? If you are a newbie, then plugin plugin selection might be a tedious stuff for you. That's why I'm here to Help you. ​

My previously used tools to generate leads

Free Versions

  • Sumo Me ( Free Edition)
  • Any Many More

Premium Versions

  • Bloom
  • Optin Panda
  • Ninja popup forms
  • Optin Monster
  • Thrive Leads

​and Now Thrive leads Is my new lead generating plugin and I truly love this. 

Why I'm Moving to Thrive Leads 


Searching a plugin from where I can create popup box, footer box, ribbon, scroll mat everything in one click. 


A feature rich plugin from where I can see all my conversion rates, click through rates and leads details. 


and obviously a cheap one. 

So let's check what I'm getting in Thrive leads

9 Different Types of leads form - 


In-Content – Place email subscriber box place anywhere inside content. 

Popup Lightbox – An unblockable overlay (a.k.a. popup) that is displayed above your content and is very attention-grabbing.

Post Footer – Show different types of email subscription box in footer. 

“Sticky” Ribbon – Add a ribbon type form which shows at the top of the screen and remains “sticky” as the visitor scrolls down the page. You can use this form as a hellobar alternative.

Slide-In – Less intrusive than a popup, but almost equally attention grabbing, this form slides into view from the corner.

Opt-In Widget – Add an opt-in form to your sidebar or any other widget area on your site, with just a few clicks.

Screen Filler Overlay – The “unignorable” opt-in form and the perfect way to make sure to get your visitor’s full attention on your offer.

Scroll Mat -A unique type of screen-filling offer that appears from the top of the page and pushes the content down. This the great alternative of sumo me plugin.

PHP forms – Insert email forms in php code.

Lead Short code, Thrive Box and Signup Segue one click signup link

Leads Short code – Create forms and use it as a short code. Even I can use this code as a content locker. 

Thrive Box – Combined use with thrive lightbox can be effective.

Signup Segue link – This feature is been very useful while arranging a webnair. 

Details Lead Report With Conversion Rate - 

An insightful dashboard, That help me to check my conversion rate as well as lead report and I can export my all leads in .csv format any time.

Asset Delivery -

This is the main feature, which convince me to buy Thrive leads. Using this feature I can send email to any new subscriber without having any autoresponder.  Check this video to get more clear idea about it.

Smart Links - 

This feature increase my website user experience 50%. Because whenever I'm going to mail our subscribers, I always use smartlinks. Smartlinks works is, If my website visitor is already in my subscriber list then it will automatically off all subscriber box for that user.

It's not awesome. 🙂 Read my full review of Thrive leads Here.

Page Level Targeting - 

By creating different lead groups I can target lead box for different categories, tags, pages or a particular posts. 

As you see here I'm creating two different leads groups for lead capturing. One is for my coupon posts and other one is for all other posts. 

How to create a two steps lead form or a popup subscriber form on a button in Thrive Leads?

For this first create a content box and add a button then as per below image click on “EventManager”


Now you will get a popup box like this.


Now click on “Add Event”.


Now setup your trigger and action. As many as you can set 3 types of trigger and 4 types of action.

3 types of triggers are

1) click – When user click on the button.

2) mouse over – When user bring the cursor on that button.

3) Comes of View port – When user first see that button.

on the basis of three trigger you can setup 4 actions.

  1. Open Thrive lightbox
  2. open thrive leads thrive box
  3. Animation
  4. Wistia Popover

For example I’m choosing here click for trigger and thrive leads box for action.

Then I have to choose lead box what I want to show.

How to connect thrive leads with getresponse ?

First of all create a thrive lightbox or leadbox or add a thrive lead form inside blog page/post.

Then click on “Subscriber now” Button.

Then click on “Connect with service” box.

It will show a popup like below image.


click on create a new connection.

Bonus 7

Now choose your connection type.

You can connect it through API or you can directly put your HTML form that you got from email providers.


Here I’m connecting getresponse through API.

Some Others Important Features -

Trigger– This option help you to choose exactly when and how your opt-in forms appear with time-based or interaction-based triggers.

A/B testing – This feature will help you to determine which form works better respectively other forms.

Thrive Leads Pricing

After thrive content builder, thrive leads is the most selling wordpress plugin from thrive themes. An awesome plugin that can use as hellobar or optinmonster alternative.

Thrive leads pricing plan is same as Thrive content Builder, for single site license is $67, while 5 and 15 sites licensing price are $97 and $147 respectively.

All of these packages are comes with unlimited updates, but only one year support. If you want lifetime support then go for membership plan.

Thrive Leads Discount

As you can see Thrive leads single license is $67, while 5 sites and 15 sites licences are comparatively cheaper then single site license. From my side, I always recommend 5 site license for medium or newbie blogger and 15 sites / membership plan for pro bloggers.

Thrive Clever Widgets Review 

Searching for a best UX plugin ?

After using lots of WordPress plugin to increase my WordPress UX currently I'm settle down with one plugin. 

i.e, Thrive Clever Widget

In this post I'm going to show you how to use this UX plugin. 

What I'm getting in Thrive Clever widget - 

By using thrive clever widget I can show widget on the basis of wordpress categories, page, posts etc. 

let see how it works,

Firstly I'm opening my website widget section and opned a widget. Where I'm getting a extra option called Thrive widget display option, as shown in image. 


It will popup a box,


From here, I can manully setup that on which pages or posts or categories this widget will show.

For example, Currently I'm showing thrive landing pages 300x250 ad block in my blog side bar. But using thrive clever options I choose only thrive themes releated posts for viewing this widget.


This is the best plugin to show different ads for different categories for better conversion and without increasing blog load time.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Plugin Review

Thrive Headline optimizer plugin is best tool to do A/B test with post headline. By using this plugin I can create unlimited no of headline variants. 

​This plugin will automatically done A/B Test Between blog posts Title and Then Notify you which one is better. 

​I just Started a A/B test with one of my blog title. You can check that snapshot below

Note - This feature will work perfectly on high traffic posts. 

Best Features of Headline Optimizer

Thrive headline optimizer is been working on three basic rules –

  1. Click through Rate
  2. Time on Content
  3. Scrolling

A/B Testing – Instantly You can do A/B on your blog title. During writing any post you can write as many as post title alternatively. Then after publishing post thrive headline optimizer will find the best title after applying the above formula.

Bulk Testing – If you have already posted your articles. Then you can use their bulk testing features. By using you can easily A/B test all of your previously published post.

Detailed Report – By checking report you can easily determine the best title with respect to the formula.

Woo-commerce Supported – Not only normal blog you can increase sales of a woo-commerce site by doing A/B test of their title

Thrive Ultimatum Plugin Review

Thrive Ultimatum Plugin is the best tool for scarcity marketing. 

Using this plugin you can create your scarcity marketing campaign within few minutes.

Normally Thrive ultimatum have 4 different types of campaign template.


In each campaign template has three different type of campaigns 1. Fix date campaign 2. Recurring campaign 3. Evergreen campaign.

Fix Date Campaign – This types of campaign dates you have to set manually. After campaign over it will automatically stop showing it on your website. 

Recurring Campaign – Setting is similar to fix date campaign but you can run campaign recurringly without doing daily configuration. 

Evergreen Campaign – This campaign worked on several triggers, just you need to put how long your campaign will be going. 


Thrive leads conversion – This trigger will shows those people whose are already subscribe your blog.

First time visit to the site – this trigger will active when a visitor visits first time on this blog.

Specific page/post visit – This will shows page wise trigger.

Display setting – Same as thrive leads and thrive clever widgets you can set up display section. 

Active Lock down- This is the best feature of thrive ultimatum. By Using this features you can set three different types of pages 1. Before starting campaign page 2. During campaign page  and 3. After expiry campaign page. 


Different Positions- Top of the page sticky bar, bottom of the page sticky bar, widget section and custom short code.



See This video for Full Details - 

Thrive Ovation Plugin Review

This newly launch thrive plugin is compatible to show users testimonials in different ways.  Where you can add testimonials manually through thrive ovation dashboard section.

or You can directly add comments as a testimonials. Even you can easily send permission email to that comment owner to user their comment as a testimonial. 

Testimonials are the best way to increase conversion. 

As all of we do, Before purchasing any product we always go and read that product testimonial section. So we can assume whether that product is beneficial or not. 

Thrive ovation plugin is best tool to collect testimonials on automation. It will automatically store comment's, social comments or user reviews in testimonial section. 

Even you can collect testimonials by showing testimonials forms on blog posts or pages. 

Thrive Ovation plugin have some inbuilt testimonial template which ensure your testimonials looks more amazing. 

Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin Review

Thrive Themes are recently add a new plugin in Thrive Membership Club. i.e, Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin. A simple plugin that will give you ultimate power to create complex quiz or poll inside your blog. Read Thrive Quiz Builder Full Review Here.

Thrive Membership Plan Pricing

Now if you want to use all thrive products. Then thrive membership plan is best for you. With thrive membership plan you will get 10 thrive themes and thrive content builder, thrive leads, thrive ultimatum, thrive landing pages, thrive ovation, thrive quiz builder, thrive clever widget, thrive headline optimizer plugin.

now if you purchase each of thrive product separately, then you have to pay.

10 thrive themes = 10x69= $690

Thrive content builder - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited ) 

Thrive leads - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Clever widget - $97 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Landing pages - $0

Thrive headline optimizer - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Ultimatum - $399 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Thrive Ovation - $97 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

​Thrive Quiz Builder - $147 ( I choose 15 sites license as unlimited )

Total - ​$1871

Now you can get this total $1871 product $228 / year price. Or you can try $90/ Three months price.

Thrive Membership Plan Discount

Instead of quarterly plan if you goes for yearly plan you will get flat 24% discount from Thrive themes. 

What are The Advantages of Thrive Themes ?

  • All Thrive themes are highly compatible with SEO. So you don't have to think twice while designing your content.
  • All of their themes as well as plugins are full responsive with all types of device.
  • Despite of having huge number of customization all thrive themes are very light weight.
  • Huge number of built-in customization feature with every theme.
  • All of the thrive themes are supported all web browser.
  • Thrive themes also offer money back guarantee so you can return your money back within 30 days of purchasing.

What are the disadvantages of Thrive Themes ?

  • Need to re-edit Older Posts

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Theme

Loading Speed - Thrive themes and genesis themes loading speeds are almost same. In some cases genesis themes are loading more faster that thrive themes. But due to less no. of customization we have to add several no of plugins for genesis themes. On that case thrive themes are loading comparatively faster that genesis theme. 

Features - Thrive themes have huge no. of inbuilt features like related post, thrive call to action button, thrive short code, thrive social sharing button and many more. While in Genesis theme didn't comes with much customization, either we have to load plugins for customization or we have to edit code section for customization.

Support - According to me both of the themes support service are almost same. 

Price - This is the big factor of any themes. Thrive themes full membership package price is $228 while genesis Framework price is $100. But still I'm going with thrive themes because by spending $228 i'm getting access of all thrive products on the other hand by spending $100 on genesis framework I'm getting only the core framework without any child theme or other plugins. 


I hope this above sections definitely clear your all doubts about thrive themes.

 Now if you still thinking about thrive theme. Then I have to say a you don’t have any urgency to did a big jump in online marketing. You want to be an ordinary as others are.

This is the best chance to grab best theme and plugin at reasonable price and be standout from the crowd.

Don’t forget to leave your precious comment.

Review of: Thrive Themes

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Best wordpress conversion focus theme provider with drag and drop page builder and conversion plugin.

Best wordpress conversion focus theme provider with drag and drop page builder and conversion plugin.
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